Fun For Kids of All Ages

The Neighborhood Village, sponsored by Kitchen Craft, is dedicated to the homemade and handcrafted items created by folks in our community.  The Neighborhood Village is located on the east side of the Festival grounds.

It’s your chance to see some of the finest award-winning creations you can imagine. Entries will be on display all 11 days of the Festival in this climate-controlled building under the supervision of the Neighborhood Village committee.

These entries, made by both youth and adults (youth are in separate divisions), are created or prepared by Florida residents, judged and then awarded monetary prizes and ribbons in their respective categories.


Cake Decorating – Categories include wedding/anniversary (including groom’s cake), cupcakes/decorated cookies, birthday/holiday, and character/novelty (including Florida Strawberry Festival theme).

Baking – Categories include breads (quick bread, whole grain, strawberry), cakes (layer, coffee, pound, muffins, cupcakes, strawberry), candies (all types), and cookies (bar, drop, rolled, brownies and strawberry). They will have been judged on flavor, appearance, texture and color.

Food Preservation – Categories include dehydrated (fruits, vegetables and berries), jellies/jams/preserves (also marmalades, butters, chutneys, pie fillings), pickles/relishes, and meats/vegetables (meat or fish, soups, vegetable juice).  Each contestant will have entered three jars of the same product which will have been judged on clarity, color, packing of jar, seal, uniformity, ripeness, size and condition.

Home Decoration Items – Categories include pillows, table runners, wall hangings and tabletop centerpieces that have been sewn, quilted and embellished or embroidered.  Each will have been judged on workmanship, harmony of color and material, creative design and overall presentation.

Jewelry & Beading – This group includes entries that incorporate weaving, stringing, wire wrapping and silversmithing of such items as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and keys chains, as well as glasswork and lamp work. These will have been judged based on level of difficulty, originality and creativity, workmanship and use of color.

Knitting, Crocheting & Tatting – Entries in this category include tote bags, sweaters, purses, afghans, dolls, toys and bedspreads/coverlets.  Each will have been judged based on evenness of stitches, degree of difficulty, seams and finishing, working in of ends and suitability of material for project.

Needlepoint & Needlework – Competition includes crewel, embroidery, petit point, bunka, hardanger, needlepoint, and counted cross stitch, all judged on workmanship, color selection, design of item and finishing techniques.

Quilts – Quilts are appliquéd, hand-embroidered, holiday themed, and strawberry themed in sizes ranging from crib to king.  Each will have been judged based on level of difficulty, harmony of color and material, technical skills and quilting.

Scrap-booking– In traditional and digital sections, both single and double page layouts will be entered with the winners having been judged on design layout, use of color, journaling and creativity.

Toys & Porcelain Dolls – There are a wide variety of entries applicable to this category including bean bag toys, dolls, doll clothes, doll houses, teddy bears, wooden toys, baby toys and more. They will have been judged on workmanship, suitable selection of materials, selection of design and overall appeal.

Wearing Apparel & Accessories – Entries in this category range from men’s and women’s wear, bridal, and children’s wear or costumes.  Each entry will have been judged on machine tension and correct stitches, suitability of fabric to style, cut correctly on grain of garment and overall appearance of garment.

For more information about any of the contests taking place in the Neighborhood Village, click here.