Click on the links below to view each contest's rules, regulations and application.

Livestock Contests

2023  Beef Breed Show
2023 Dairy Show
2023 FFA Exhibits
2023 Lamb Show
2023 Mosaic Poultry & Rabbit Show
2023 Mosaic Youth Livestock Judging
2023 Mosaic Youth Swine Show & Sale, Rules, Regulations, and Entry Form
2023 Mosaic Youth Steer Showmanship
2023 Mosaic Youth Steer Show & Sale, Rules, Regulations, and Entry Form  2023 Youth Plant Show / Youth Plant Record Book

Royalty Contests

2023 Baby Contest- Decorated Diaper; Baby Features; Diaper Derby
2023 Baby Parade
2023 Florida Strawberry Festival Junior Royalty Pageant
2023 Florida Strawberry Festival Queen’s Scholarship Pageant

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Eating Contests

2023 Deep Fried Strawberry Pie on a Stick Relay
2023 Amish Donut Eating Contest
2023 Youth Strawberry Stemming Contest
2023 Strawberry Spaghetti Eating Contest
2023 Adult Strawberry Stemming Contest
2023 Super Dog Mega Corndog Eating Contest
2023 Strawberry Shortcake Eating Contest
2023 Strawberry Mashed Potato Pie Eating Contest 

Neighborhood Village Contests

2023 Neighborhood Village Adult
2023 Neighborhood Village Youth

Miscellaneous Contests